Monday Night Projects

What would y'all think if I started selling some little journals in my shop? Embellished with crochet of course, and inspiring! That's one of my projects tonight.
I'm also working on a new pattern. It involves lace...and it's an accessory. Of course. More to come!
I had my first Etsy order since before Christmas! Someone ordered my brown fishnet gloves, and I've been working on crocheting a fresh pair all day. 
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Crappy photo courtesy of Instagram, using my trusty out-of-date iPod Touch. 
I also came across this fun tutorial by Elise Cripe of Enjoy It. I want to experiment and try it with watercolors, and perhaps regular ink - maybe I'll come up with my own tutorial! In the meantime, check out this one and have fun. Also, check out the rest of her blog. She has some great tutorials, advice, and tips, and she is a huge inspiration to me! I would love my blog to one day be as interesting and helpful and engaging as hers is.