Monday Introduction: Meet Melody

IMG_7786 I think it's time for a re-introduction of sorts. If you ever have any questions about me or just want to read an awkward bio, check out my About Me and FAQs page.

My name is Melody and I'm a 22-year-old fiber artist and the designer behind Melmaria Designs. I've been interested in making things ever since I can remember. I learned how to crochet when I was 10, stitched a mini-9-square quilt, was fascinated by sewing my own clothes in my teens, and dabbled in drawing. I even tried learning how to weave, but that didn't go so well. So I stuck to the yarn arts, mostly.

I started writing and publishing knit & crochet patterns in 2011, when I began Melmaria Designs. This transitioned to an Etsy shop, where I had originally tried selling handmade bags and clutches that refused to leave the shop. Then I began selling my crochet and knit pieces, and sold my first pair of crochet lace earrings. Thus my MO was born. I diverted from the path now and then, selling a few fluffy infinity scarves and beanies, but I came back to that lace origin this year and resolved to stick to it and find new ways to implement crochet lace in jewelry.

I LOVE crochet lace. It's historic, classic, intricate, eye-catching, and unique. I can't wait to create new ways to mold it into beautiful accessories and jewelry.

I'm also fascinated by DIYs and home projects. That's why this website is such a weird mix of products, DIYs, book reviews, etc. I love coming up with and writing out DIY projects - they're so fun! The idea of making something yourself, with your own two hands, just makes me so happy. Because of this side of my interests, I've been featured on FaveCrafts, Better Homes & Gardens, and Cut Out + Keep.

I wanted to show you guys a few miscellaneous photos of my workspace and process, too - you could always use a little inspiration, right?

IMG_7743 IMG_7591



Thanks for hanging out and staying with me through these transitions! What's next? I want to incorporate more of my products onto this site and have a real live 'shop' page that you can shop from directly, instead of going through Etsy or another website. This is my ultimate shop goal, actually. Little steps, but I'm getting there! Thank you for all your support!