Mollie Makes: only the best creative magazine ever

Mollie Makes is a delightful UK-based creative magazine for the vintage-loving, embroidery-dabbling knitter and crocheter. Seriously. Each issue has a little bit of everything in it, from inspirational stories by fellow crafters to fun resources to amazing projects. 
I first heard about this magazine from One Sheepish Girl - she has contributed to the magazine in the past and shared it on her wonderful blog. I'm hoping to be involved with it someday too, but for now I'm just enjoying reading it! I found out that you can subscribe to one month FREE (2 magazines total), and if you like what you get, it's $5.99/month after that for 2 issues per month. I think it's a great deal, especially for the content and work that goes into each issue. Check out the Apple store and get downloading!