Mahogany Crochet

This is a necklace I devised out of bead crochet. It's really simple and works up in no time. The only stitch you really need to know is the chain stitch and how to make a bead slip stitch.

Bead slip stitch: Pull up the bead next to the hook, yarn over while keeping the bead close to the hook, and pull up a long enough loop to fit over the bead.

US 1.5 mm hook
Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet (Size 10)
3 dark, oval wooden beads
8 light, oval wooden beads

String beads onto working thread. Ch 25, pull up bead and make bead slip stitch. *Ch 17, bead slip stitch, repeat from * 9 times. Ch 25, fasten off.

Ta-da! Just weave in the thread ends and use the long chains at the ends of the necklace to tie a knot. This is a long-ish necklace; for a shorter one, just make fewer chains between the beads. Play with this pattern if you want; use assorted bead sizes, colors, amounts...the possibilities are endless!