Love at first chain!

I am in love with Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn!Next to mercerized cotton thread and Loops & Threads Impeccable worsted weight, this cotton yarn is my favorite. It was definitely love at first chain (HA). I cannot wait to design more items with it! I am already thinking about some shower scrubs and of course, dish cloths. Dish cloth patterns are immensely popular, and therefore very hard to improve upon, but I am hoping I can come up with something unique and special. The same goes for the shower scrubbers. I am always washing my face, but I don't like to use the store-bought scrubs. Plus I forget to buy them. The perfect solution is to just make my own! They are even eco-friendly! (Those of you who are reading this blog and really know me will know that I am not an eco-person, but I like the idea that my scrubbers and cloths are re-usable and machine-washable! So much more practical.)