Little Update

Life has been so crazy lately I haven't had time to update or plan anything out! Although I did make this really cool bracelet last night that I think I'm going to have to share...and I'm waiting on a shipment of fiber supplies (yarn) in order to create some new ideas I have. 
But for now you'll have to be content with a little update.
The other day I played around with my manual focus and took some photos of dust motes floating around in the bright afternoon sunlight in my room. I know it's gross to have dirt and dander and who-knows-what floating in the air, but I've always loved watching the dust float around. It reminds me a little bit of Horton Hears a Who - I love that movie and the book.
I am also taking a Skillshare class (a few, actually) on Illustrator and lettering and digitizing and all of that. My roommate actually asked me to design the invitations for her wedding after she saw my feeble lettering attempts, so that's what I've been working on as well. I had a nerd moment last night when I learned how to digitize my drawings in Illustrator and print them off looking super profesh. Yeah...profesh.
Anyway, I highly recommend those of you looking to learn or perfect some skills to go visit Skillshare. They have TONS of classes on everything pertaining to design, business, freelance, editing, blogging, photography - they even have a few cooking classes on there! Go check it out. It will make your Monday so much better.