Light It Up: Make Your Own Soft Light Fixture

Easy Light Fixture

Need an extra bit of mood lighting in your space? Try this super easy, DIY light fixture! Here's the story: When I moved back from Arkansas, I brought a string of white lights with me that had previously hung in my apartment bedroom. I love the ambiance that little white twinkle lights give to a room, so I hung this strand up over my window. However, I needed to buy a little lamp for my shelves over my bed so that I could read and work in bed at night if I wanted. But I couldn't find a simple little lamp for cheap! So I decided to make my own.

First I went to Target and bought a cheap box of white lights.

Easy Light Fixture Idea

I took the whole clump of bunched-together lights out of the box and stuck them in one of my old lace bowls, adjusting a little bit so the maximum number of lights were sticking out.

IMG_1492 IMG_1516

Then I put the bowl on my shelf and plugged it in!

IMG_1525 IMG_1541


I love how this looks. It warmed up my room instantly with a beautiful glow. Definitely not as bright as a real lamp, but it does the trick and I loved how easy it was to put together. If you don't have a lace bowl but want to make this using one, I have an option in my shop here. You could also try this idea using a clear plastic bowl, or a basket! Happy making!