I'm becoming so terrible at keeping this blog updated! It's just that I've been so busy. I'm not used to it, and so time management has been difficult for me to learn. 
I wanted to post some photos of what I've been up to this fall, and write a little update about what's going on and what I'm planning. I'm still crafting, still knitting, still creating, but since I've been covering a lot of hours at work lately I've had less and less time to update and post new things. 
My neighbor took me on a photography jaunt a few Saturdays ago, to see the beautiful fall foliage of NW Arkansas. These are the results:

This part of AR really is beautiful.
So as far as updates go, I've posted a few new items in my shop!
The Knitted Blue Hat, knit in a cozy scallop stitch.

I am currently working on an Etsy order of coffee bag placemats...all the way from Australia! Pro tip: always make sure you charge enough for shipping - you never know who's going to order from you, or where in the world they might be!