Late Night Thanksgiving Post + Good Deals

It's late, but I wanted to share some snippets of my Thanksgiving Day.
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This is NH (my home state) as of yesterday. All of our neighbors lost power and my family ended up having a whole other family over for the feast. I love impromptu guests and being snowed in and New England holidays in general.
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However, I spent my Thanksgiving here in Arkansas with my extended family - my second and last Thanksgiving here. It was a good day. I cooked probably the best cranberry sauce (above) ever - it was actually jelly-like! It was just a 12 oz package of cranberries and 1/2 cup of sugar, cooked over medium to medium-low heat until thick and jammy. It was a success.
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Then I came home and decorated for Christmas. There's a green-and-red paper chain garland just out of view, and I began cutting snowflakes to hang from the ceiling like last year. Me and my roommate also broke out into spontaneous Celtic-ish dancing to Michael W. Smith's magical rendition of I Saw Three Ships. Does wonders for the heart, I tell ya.
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And last but not least - Black Friday sale! Everything in my shop is 40% off until Saturday. I've been working really hard to put some cute stuff in there, so take a look, shop small, and support handmade this Christmas!