Yesterday I had the most overwhelming surge of inspiration crash into my brain. I got my very last issue of Crochet Today! magazine and inside was the most beautiful necklace design I have ever seen. I am always looking for inspiration for new crochet necklaces. The three or four that I have made and published patterns for are lovely, but I've been struggling with ideas lately. This was the perfect cure. Robyn Chachula, instead of designing her usual visual garments, came up with this necklace. It's contrived of tiny crochet motifs joined together with bead pendants and jump rings. Now don't get me wrong, I have thought of and done this before, but NEVER with a gloss luster finish on the motifs! That's right, Robyn tells us to buy Mod Podge gloss luster, dip the mini doilies into it, pin them out, and let them dry. Wow! All this time I've been wondering what to use to stiffen up my motifs! I tried using spray starch, but it just doesn't hold the shape. I am so excited to design my own necklaces now, with my own motifs and bead combinations, using....Mod Podge!

You can see the original necklace here, but unfortunately Crochet Today! didn't put up a very decent picture of can barely see the motifs, but at least you will get an idea of what I am talking about.