How to Style a Wall

Today I wanted to share with you how to style a wall - how I designed and styled a few wall motifs for my apartment! I haven't had much experience with wall art - growing up, my bedroom decor changed rarely at best, and the apartment in AR had more of a temporary feel as I used binder clips and thumbtacks to hang most of my artwork. (Still a very viable idea, if you're displaying a group of black-and-white pieces or photographs! I want to do that in a white-walled room at some point... sigh). Back to my wall motifs. I've been making weekly trips on Sunday afternoons to Goodwill and a few other places. During one of my ventures, I bought a bunch of cheap frames for $1 to $2 each. I also found a beautiful oval frame with a warm, autumny painting of a couple inside. How to Style a Wall

Late one evening, I laid out all of the different pieces I wanted to display. The oval piece is the largest, so I put it in the top left-hand corner of the motif. Next, I created some fun textile pieces by using embroidery hoops to frame a few different fabrics and doilies I had. This is very easy to do - simply tighten a hoop around a pretty piece of fabric or an antique doily, and trim the excess pieces. The edge on the hoop makes it easy to hang, and you can even change out the fabric/lace on a whim! I think for Christmas it would be so fun to use holiday-themed fabric, and of course some pastel florals in the spring wouldn't be amiss.

My motif ended up being a vertical rectangle - I laid out the oval piece and balanced it out with the four embroidery hoops and a canvas I had Mod Podged with scrapbook paper and a doily I had made a few years ago. Perfect!

How to Style a Wall

In my bedroom, I decided to make more use of the Goodwill frames. I put together a makeshift mat for the yellow flower watercolor and put it in the tiny green frame (so cute!). I also matted and framed the embroidered coffee bag artwork as well. At first I was afraid it was too pretentious to frame it, but then I got over it - I love how it turned out. To the mix, I added a tiny square canvas embroidered in French knots (you can find the tutorial for it here!), another piece of textile artwork involving a canvas, burlap, embroidery, and even a tiny bit of crochet, and a few other key pieces. This motif didn't lay out in quite the same way, so I ended up creating a sort of upside-down right-angle triangle out of the pieces. The stiffened doily at the bottom was the last piece I added to balance it out. I love it! It added such a finished look to my bedroom, and really made my desk area feel like a creative space with my artwork surrounding me.

So there you have it! Very easy. If you do end up making a wall motif, take a photo of it and tag me #melmariadesigns on Instagram so I can see and perhaps share! Or write a post about it somewhere and link back to it here. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with! Happy decorating :)