How to Get Followers

How To Get Followers Let me preface this with a statement: this isn't a get-instant-followers scheme, nor is it a self-serving attention-getting tutorial. Also, I'm not an expert and my brand isn't something huge or special - I'm still figuring it out! But I'm learning along the way, and I want to share what I learn.

This is about people. Yes, people.

We all want to market our products and niche and brand in the most lucrative way, and one of those ways is learning how to get followers. Unfortunately, you can't just sit back and wait for them to find and follow you. You need to take the initiative and get out there!

5 things you can do to get started are:

  1. Find some creative blogs, Twitter accounts, and Instagram feeds, and start interacting!
  2. Leave thoughtful comments, encourage these people to continue doing what they're doing, contribute to the conversation.
  3. Don't be negative or argumentative - rather, speak positive words of encouragement and kindness. This means a LOT, and you will almost always get a positive response.
  4. Use relevant hashtags. Check out those photos you love on Instagram and pay attention to the hashtags being used. If they apply to your stuff, by all means, use them! This will help people find you, especially the people you WANT to find you.
  5. Share share share! Make a style post combining products from your favorite shops, write a blog post sharing your favorites, etc. Tag all the people involved and link back to them as much as you can.

I recently wrote a blog post where I shared 10 of my favorite creative people to follow on Instagram. I love sharing posts like that. This gesture earned me 3 new followers from the people I shared and admired, and I got comments of excitement and gratitude! The creative community is about sharing and helping each other out - not who can get the most followers, make the most sales, or take the most beautiful photos.

So if you're looking for loyal followers and people to help you, be prepared to help others first. Good rule of thumb for life, too.