How I Became a Fiber Artist

How I Became a Fiber Artist I've been wanting to write about this for some time, but I wasn't able to until everything started really happening. So here goes!

Back in February, before I made the transition in my shop to focus mainly on jewelry and wall art, I was contacted through Etsy by an architect firm. They were looking for someone to handcraft a set of pendant lampshades for a restaurant set to open later this year, and when they saw my jute twine baskets, they reached out to me! After a bit of back-and-forth (and a lot of pricing and materials research on my part) we came to an agreement. I will be creating 34 lampshades (and we're talking BIG, like, the largest being two feet long!), hand-painting them, and shipping them on to a lighting manufacturer who will create frames for them.

How I Became a Fiber Artist


This is the prototype I made for the company! Ugly, right? They had me paint the top and bottom halves using a few different techniques to see what they wanted, which is why it looks so weird. I'm making 34 of these, guys. 34.

Even though it's hard work, I'm SO EXCITED to be working on this commission! I feel like it makes me a real fiber artist, and my work will be hung in a public restaurant for all to see. How cool is that!? I've been trying to get my shop & blog in order so that I'll have time to focus on creating these lamps in time, while working a part-time job at the same time. I'm praying for strength and perseverance to do this - God has provided so many cool opportunities for me to use my creativity, and I hope to glorify Him through the work of my hands.

Thanks for reading, and for the support! I'll be posting updates about the lamps, I'm sure, and as always you are welcome to follow me on Instagram or Twitter for more instant updates.