Hikes of New Hampshire

Since I live in such a gorgeous state, I figured I should share a little bit about it! I've been trying to hike every  weekend, and take photos of my adventures. Here are a few glimpses into the weekend hikes of New Hampshire that I've been doing. uncanoonnic, goffstown, nh

First up, the Uncanoonic Mountains. These are more like hills - they lie just outside of Goffstown, NH, and offer gorgeous views for a very short hike. That little city in the background is where I live - Manchester!


This is on the road to another hike, somewhere in the back road of Francestown. I was on my way to hike Pack Monadnock, as seen in the next photo:


Also some gorgeous views, even on cloudy days! I apologize for the quality of some of these photos - I use my phone when I hike so that I don't have to lug my Canon around.


The next weekend we hiked Mt. Watatic in Massachusetts, just over the state line. This mountain was really easy to climb, with lots of fun twists and turns, and two peaks to clamber up.

mount kearsarge, new hampshire

mount kearsarge, new hampshire

This is at the top of Mount Kearsarge in Wilmot, NH. Still technically southern NH, but getting closer to the White Mountains. The wind was crazy on this particular day, but the views were breathtaking. Well-worth nearly getting blown away!

lafayette ridge trail, new hampshire

And last but not least - I took this photo last year in June when my brother and I hiked part of a loop trail up in the White Mountains. The Lafayette and Little Haystack mountains are joined by this ridge trail (you can actually hike all the way up to the very top of that ridgeline you see in the photo). We're working back up to this hike again this year - it's an eight-hour commitment! I can't wait to share photos from this year.

I hope I've succeeded in sharing at least a little bit of New Hampshire's beauty with you. This tiny state has so much to offer - mountains, shorelines, farms. Where is your favorite place to hike near you?