Handmade Wall Art

I love my photo printer! I decided to utilize it and make myself a new piece of wall art. It's nothing special - all held together with tape and construction paper and tacked to the wall, but I love it. Each of the four photos I selected means something special to me. 
The winter branches covered in snow are the trees surrounding my family home in NH. I've looked out on that scene every winter for the past 12 or 13 years - this is the first winter I've spent away from home. The sunny forsythia branch was taken at my best friend Michelle's house. I spent many, many happy days there with her and her family, and snapped this photo last spring. I took the third photo while sitting in a kayak in the middle of 1st Connecticut Lake in Pittsburg, NH. The water was so calm and beautiful. The very last photo I took here in Fayetteville at another lake (not nearly as beautiful as 1st Connecticut, but still pretty) this fall. Those colors stood out so sharply against the brilliant blue water - autumn has the most amazing color palette. 
Love how this adds to my room. I'm not a huge fan of the butter-colored walls, but the handmade look of my room is offbeat and completely me.