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Fresh Flower Crown DIY

Love the look of those Free People-esque flower crowns, but afraid of buying one and not being able to pull it off? Try making your own pretty coronet of blooms with this easy flower crown DIY! This easy craft is definitely quite temporary, but so pretty, and even therapeutic to make! Mine's not quite perfect, but I love the casual look of it and I think that's what it's all about - whatever your style is. Let's get started! Fresh Flower Crown DIY

You'll need:

  • Fresh flowers of your choice (I used Shasta daisies, mature violet greens, and wild geraniums)
  • Scissors
  • Green floral or cooking wire

Fresh Flower Crown DIY

Cut and gather your various blooms and greenery. I cut all my pieces about 6-7" long. Lay out the design you want to do, alternating the flowers and greens evenly and overlapping the stems.

Fresh Flower Crown DIY

Cut various pieces of wire, 1-2" long. Working with two flowers/greens at a time, overlapping the stems, wrap a piece of wire around and around the two stems, making sure to bend in the ends so they don't poke your skull!

Fresh Flower Crown DIY

Continue in this manner around the crown. When you've reached the end and attached it into a round, go back around and tie down any weird leaves or flowers that look funny! You can add in more short pieces at this point too, if any bits need to be filled in with greenery or blooms.

Fresh Flower Crown DIY


And you're done! Wear proudly, for as long as it lasts. Enjoy your beautiful fresh flower crown! Try with a variety of blooms, from daisies to wild geraniums to marigolds to perhaps a full crown of simply violets and their greens. You could even do this with a handful of fresh ferns - twist them around the wire.

IMG_7366 Fresh Flower Crown DIY Fresh Flower Crown DIY Fresh Flower Crown DIY


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