For Sale

When I went into work yesterday, I found my coworker putting together a new display near the front window. She told me the theme was going to be 'The Lost Art of Correspondence', and it would have all kinds of journals and cards and stationary sets and even books compiled of letters.
 And I realized - I should try selling the motif greeting cards I've been making! Everyone has been urging me to sell them, and here is my chance!
So I am going to sell them at $4.95 apiece. Here's hoping they're a success! I'm so excited to be actually selling my creations.
Pardon my blurry photo. Professional pics will come soon! And guess what...
I finished the pink dress! And am hard at work on another one! As soon as I have time (and sufficient lighting - can't take the best pictures at night) I will share them with you.