Fingerless Gloves: The Story of an Obsession

When I started to really get into crochet, I LOVED the look of fingerless gloves. I love the idea of gloves that don't impede everyday tasks. Obviously you can't knead bread with these, or wash your hands, or paint, but I love that you can do a lot of things with your fingers free. I remember the first crochet magazine I ever got had a beautiful photo of a pair of mesh fingerless gauntlets crocheted from green mohair yarn with a sparkly gold twist. I was hooked from that one photo, and started looking for patterns to make that I could wear.

Now I enjoy the look of knitted fingerless gloves more, but crochet gloves are still functional! Here are three gloves for you to peruse. We're getting deeper into fall, and the mornings and evenings are becoming quite chilly! I'm going to need to start wearing these regularly, I think.

These black, lacy, Victorian-style gloves are both elegant and functional - the individual fingers keep your hands warm and cozy. The stitch pattern makes the gloves stretchy to fit a variety of hand shapes. Buy them now on Etsy for $24 - they make a gorgeous gift!

I designed these soft mesh gloves after seeing 2011 version of Jane Eyre with Mia Wasikowska - she wore a similar pair in the movie that I loved. Crocheted from soft bamboo cotton thread, they are super stretchy and comfortable -a great statement accessory. They are available both as an item on Etsy for $24 and a pattern on Ravelry for $5! 
This free pattern has been super popular among my fellow crocheters. The open mesh pattern is easy to crochet, and the construction is easy - one rectangle seamed up the sides with a thumbhole left open. Give them a try! They are very easy, I promise! Download the pattern on Ravelry.