Favorite Gifts to DIY

DIYgifts The holidays are well on their way - it's only a few weeks until Thanksgiving, for goodness' sake! It's crazy how quickly time flies by - I think it goes by even faster when you grow up. Today I wanted to share a very few of my favorite gifts to DIY. There are some gifts you just can't buy, and handmade is so much more meaningful for both the giver and the recipient.

How to Watercolor a Black & White Photo

  • Hand Painted Photograph. 100 years ago, this was a popular way to add color to black and white photographs. I can remember reading a biography about Anastasia Romanov and seeing photos she had hand-painted. I loved the idea! Recently the technique came back into my life via the girls at A Beautiful Mess and I gave it another try - this time with watercolors. This would make an absolutely gorgeous gift for anyone!Wood Burned Utensils


  • Wood Burned Utensils. Buy a wood burning kit and give a few wooden spoons and scoops a rustic update with some wood burning! I love this idea for a holiday hostess gift.

Bleach Painted Shoes


  • Bleach Painted Shoes. Give her a pair of bleach painted shoes! You can find cheap canvas shoes anywhere these days, in almost any color. All you need is a little bowl of bleach and a synthetic paintbrush.


  • DIY Chanel Pearl Hairpins. These are easy to make and so beautiful! I love that you can use virtually any bead you can think of, as long as it slides onto the hairpin. Try crystal beads, turquoise, or even colorful plastics! Slide them onto a piece of cardstock with the recipient's name lettered in cursive for a charming gift.

I hope you have so much fun crafting! Host a craft party and get some friends together to DIY some gifts. Package your creations in brown paper bags with colorful ribbon and bits of pine for a truly memorable