Enough Crafting - Let's Eat!

Normally I post about a new pattern I designed or a new listing on Etsy, or a project I'm working on, or even a list of links to other fun tutorials/patterns, but today I'm doing something a tiny bit different...
Food is one of my most favorite things in the world to talk about, read about, prepare, and, of course, EAT. Who doesn't love food? Especially these recipes - mmm mmm mmm. Check out what I've been pinning and preparing lately and you'll understand my enthusiasm.
Of course, did I photograph and/or document any of my cooking and baking adventures? Psssh, of course not! I was too busy cooking! So none of these amazing pictures are mine, but I hope you enjoy looking at them and maybe even trying out one of these amazing recipes.
Zucchini Chips from Table for Two - oh my gosh. These are so good. I'd never made homemade chips of any kind before, and these were awesome. Definitely try them! 
Snickerdoodle Brownies from My Own Sweet Thyme - heavens to Murgatroyd, these were bad. Two sticks of buttah! But absolutely worth it - definitely one of the best brownie recipes I've ever made.
Turkey Thighs Wrapped in Prosciutto from Better Homes and Gardens - okay, I didn't actually make this recipe, my mom did. And she did an amazing job. And they were good. And I highly recommend them.
Chocolate Cream Pie from Tide and Thyme - I'd never made a chocolate cream pie before, and this was the perfect recipe for my first time! Normally I don't like pudding, but the filling made from scratch was so good.
I hope these recipes inspired you to do some cooking of your own! Each one is definitely worth making. 
Happy Monday!