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Embroidery Inspiration

Lately I've been really into embroidery. Whenever I have a free moment (which seems to be hardly ever, sadly) I pull out my hoops and try to do a little stitching on some sort of fabric. I wanted to share a few photos of the embroidery I've done, and what I'm working on now, to give you a bit of embroidery inspiration! embroidery inspiration

First this tiny piece of embroidery I had done on the pieces of an old white cotton shirt. I just decided to frame it in a hoop last week, and had to snap a photo. I love the textures of the yellow and pink flowers - those layered stitches add so much to the piece.

embroidery inspiration

embroidery inspiration

Then I decided to work on stitching within the confines of a patterned fabric. I love how the French knots in this piece are turning out! Now the question is, do I fill in all the flowers or leave just the one for a touch of embroidery?

embroidery inspiration

This embroidered tribal cuff was stitched from a chart I graphed out myself in Excel! With colors and everything! You can get the chart here: Embroidered Tribal Cuff.


embroidery inspiration

And can't forget this beauty! It was purely accidental that it turned out so beautifully - I had never embroidered on lace before, and this piece came out so gorgeous! I haven't been able to recreate the technique since - nothing looks quite like this first one.

embroidery inspiration

Last but not least, embroidering on canvas was one of the most interesting techniques I've ever tried. So cool! Check out the tutorial here: Embroidered Canvas Wall Art.

I hope this was enough embroidery inspiration for you! Here are a few more ways to get inspired:

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