Embroidered Valentine Card DIY

Make an adorable embroidered card for your love this Valentine's! Nothing shows love more than a handmade gift. Here's how to make it.

Cut an 8" long by 6" wide piece of cardstock; fold in half and press.

Write your message! Use pencil and write very lightly. I chose a simple word (love) and a tiny heart below it.Unfold card and lay top over a piece of scrap wood. Using your awl (mine is only the needle, so I did some hammering with a screwdriver :), punch holes along your penciled word. My punches were a few millimeters apart, 4 or 5. They can't be too close together or the holes will break into adjacent holes while you're sewing.Cut about 24" of embroidery floss, knot one end and thread your needle. Start sewing! Backstitch through the holes, being careful not to bend the paper.

Knot off and admire your handmade card! Someone you love is going to LOVE this card.