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Embroidered Tribal Cuff

Embroidered Tribal Cuff embroidered tribal cuff tutorial

Remember that embroidered flower cuff I did a while back? I had the urge to make another one, as sort of a relaxation project between twine pendant lamps (which are murder on my hands and arms, by the way). Embroidery is just the thing to switch gears for a bit and play with color. I did some Googling and found some gorgeously complicated embroidery charts, from Scandinavian to Aztec-inspired designs. I graphed a tiny section of a gigantic one, picked my own colors, and decided to freeform it! I've drawn up the chart and colored it for you to download.

To make this embroidered tribal cuff, you'll need:

  • Embroidery floss, six-strand pieces divided into 3-strand pieces
  • Embroidery needle
  • Jersey fabric cut to your desired length/width (mine was long enough to go around my wrist + about 6", and about 6" wide)
  • Hoop, if desired
  • [download id="2395"] (click to download)

Begin by centering the design over your fabric, if you print it. If not, just eyeball it. That's what I did - I was going for a looser, more rustic look, so it didn't matter to me if my stitches or design were perfect. Start in the middle and work your way outwards!

Embroidered Tribal Cuff

Start stitching, using the basic cross stitch (just a stitched X).  Feel free to follow the colors in the chart, or pick your own - this is completely up to you! Because the embroidery thread was too thick by itself, I divided each piece I used into 3 strands instead of 6, as mentioned in the tools above. This helped me conserve thread (waste not, want not?) and keep the design from being too bulky. When you're finished, trim the fabric to about a half inch from the embroidered pattern.

Embroidered Tribal Cuff

And voila! This is a weekend or few evenings project. I made it between twine lamps, to relax my hands and switch gears for a bit.

Embroidered Tribal Cuff

Embroidered Tribal Cuff

I'm in love with the colors! I want to make more, in various designs and colors. It was so easy. And it looks cute!

Embroidered Tribal Cuff

Happy stitching! As always, if you make this and want to share with me, post a picture on Instagram and tag me @melmariadesigns, or comment here with a link to your work. I'd love to see!

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