Embroidered Coasters with Chart

Embroidered_Coasters I guess Monday DIYs are becoming a thing! Not really sure why - it would probably be more sound marketing-wise to post them on Friday or Saturday, but I like starting the week off with a fresh project. For now, anyway. What I like about having a blog? I can change it up anytime I want, and you guys will just have to deal with it. Welcome to the creative life!

Okay, so today we're making embroidered coasters from burlap and thread! I have a friend who opened a coffeeshop last year, and he provided me with several awesome coffeebags that I've been utilizing in different projects and such. If you can't come by coffee bags, that's okay - pretty much every craft store (and even Walmart!) is selling burlap in rolls and squares and what-have-you.

You will need:

  • Burlap, cut into 4x4 squares
  • Embroidery thread in deep blue, light blue, yellow, and green
  • Scissors, needle, etc.

First, you'll want to machine-sew the edges of your coasters to keep them from unraveling. Just four simple seams will do! Nothing fancy.

Right-click on the chart below and save to your computer for printing. Cut it out and center it as evenly as possible over your square, to get a feel for where to begin the embroidery. Stitch the design following the chart from bottom to top using the cross stitch.


Voila! You just stitched a beautiful violet on your coaster! Repeat for the other 3 and you have a beautiful set. This is a great way to introduce cross stitching to children - you can even paint the squares onto your burlap using coordinating colors to make the stitching easier. Try using other colors, or even creating your own design. The possibilities within a grid are so wide - you could even do monogrammed coasters. Actually I think that's a great DIY for another day.