Email Newsletter

Displaying image1.JPG So I made a newsletter for real! I've been wanting to for some time, and now that I don't really have the time to update one, I have one, so there's that. Every weekend (Friday or Saturday), I send out a shop & blog update to my readers, including the week's blog posts, new products, and DIY projects, so if you missed anything during the week you can catch up!

Also, subscribers to my newsletter are the special recipients of a monthly coupon to my shop! Every month is different, so don't forget to sign up and make use of the coupon. I don't often offer them, because my items are handmade and priced at a higher rate, but I want to give my readers something special to use as a thank-you for the support and encouragement. So thank you! You can click this link to get on the list (and receive this month's coupon), or you can sign up using the form in the sidebar to your left. Happy Saturday!