Easy Scrap Yarn Curtain

Easy Scrap Yarn Curtain Before we begin (and there's a disclaimer at the bottom of this post as well), I am well aware of the ridiculous simplicity of this idea. Like, I know how dumb it is. However, I really, really needed to use up my scrap yarn, and wanted to write it out for you. Okay? Okay.

Here's the story: I recently saw a DIY for a curtain using colorful fabric strips (from old T-shirts or fabric bought especially for this purpose). This is a great idea, and one I would LOVE to try, but having the *vast* collection of yarn that I do, I immediately thought of another curtain idea. You've probably guessed where I'm going with this...how did you know?

Easy Scrap Yarn Curtain

You'll need:

-Lots and lots of scrap yarn. You know, the sort of scrap yarn that's too short to actually make something, but too long to feel okay about throwing away. Yeah, I might have a problem.


-Curtain rod

-Measuring tape, if desired

-Color inspiration (photograph, Design Seeds, color wheel - whatever inspires you!)

Easy Scrap Yarn Curtain

First, measure your window and decide approximately how long you want your scrap yarn curtain to be. Cafe curtain? Floor length? (I applaud you if this is your goal!) Medium? Now double that measurement and cut your yarn scraps accordingly.

You'll be doing this for a while.

Easy Scrap Yarn Curtain Easy Scrap Yarn Curtain Easy Scrap Yarn Curtain

Now loop your scraps over the curtain rod and tie a knot. Repeat across the rod, pushing your scraps close together to create a dense look. Remember to have fun combining colors! Mine's not very interesting because I wanted a cohesive blue/green look for my curtain, but I have a vision of vibrant oranges/golds/turquoise/reds - I wish I had scrap yarn in those colors!

Easy Scrap Yarn Curtain

When you reach the end, go back and trim your yarn ends evenly. You may need to either lay out the curtain on the floor or hang it in your window in order to cut evenly.

Easy Scrap Yarn Curtain

And you're finished! Enjoy your beautiful new curtain, made from recycled bits of yarn! Aren't you just so thrifty. ;) I love that this project doubles as a piece of fiber art - you could use a wooden dowel instead of a curtain rod, and hang it on a wall somewhere in your home as a fun conversation piece. Have fun creating! As always, share what you make with me on Twitter or Instagram - my handle is @melmariadesigns. I'd love to see what you're working on!

Easy Scrap Yarn Curtain Easy Scrap Yarn Curtain

Easy Scrap Yarn Curtain


DISCLAIMER: I am aware of how incredibly easy and 'duh' this idea is, so no negativity! This is simply just the carrying-out of an easy idea - I'm not claiming to be super original or innovative with this idea. Please enjoy!