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Easy Faux Yarn Ball Tutorial

  Easy Faux Yarn Ball Tutorial

Make your own mini yarn balls with scrap yarn! As you may know, I'm currently looking for cool ways to use up my scrap yarn - ways that aren't stupid or wasteful. This may fall somewhere in between, actually, but that's okay. Pile them in a pretty bowl or tin, string them on twine, or hang them from a mobile for cool yarn artwork.

You'll need: -Mini styrofoam balls -Scrap yarn -Glue gun

Easy Faux Yarn Ball Tutorial


Glue the end of your first yarn color to a styrofoam ball. Begin wrapping the yarn around the ball carefully, not too tightly, but not so loosely it looks bunchy and awkward.

Easy Faux Yarn Ball Tutorial

Easy Faux Yarn Ball Tutorial

Make sure to add little dots of glue every now and then to secure the yarn. Keep wrapping until the styrofoam ball is covered, and continue to wrap until the ball is as large as you want it.

Easy Faux Yarn Ball Tutorial Easy Faux Yarn Ball Tutorial

To finish off, snip the yarn and secure it with a small dot of glue.

My yarn balls were all different sizes - mostly dependent on the amount of scrap yarn I actually had. My plan now is to either try hanging them from a dowel in different lengths and hang the dowel from the ceiling somewhere (photos coming soon if I do go that route!) or piling them in a vintage tin or bowl for crafty cuteness. I used the tiny styrofoam balls you can get (about 1.5" in diameter, I'd say), but if you don't have much yarn but want bigger yarn balls, get the bigger styrofoam balls! Or you could wrap those foam triangles in yarn for a crafty bit of yarny decor, or wrap one of those foam wreath forms, too. The possibilities are pretty vast. Have fun! As always, show me what you made!

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