By creating purposefully handmade fiber artwork and design goods, I seek to enrich the lives of the people around me with unique and beautiful pieces.

Easy DIY Woven Coasters

Make your own woven, customizable coasters with this easy DIY! All you need is a bit of burlap, some yarn scraps, and a little creativity.

You'll need:

  • Burlap (you can buy rolls at Michaels!)
  • 6" yarn scraps in the colors of your choice
  • Yarn needle for weaving

First, cut your burlap into 4x4 squares.

Next, carefully pull out a strand about 5 strands in from the edge. This will leave a blank length for you to weave with! Be gentle so that the burlap doesn't come unraveled. You'll take care of this at the end.

Thread your needle and begin weaving your first yarn color in and out of the burlap where the strand used to be.

Continue pulling out strands and replacing with yarn until you have as many rows as you want. I left a row of burlap between each yarn strand to keep it sturdy. I then wove perpendicular to the first bar of colors to create a plaid look.

To finish, machine-stitch a row around the edge of the coaster. Snip off excess edges and you're finished!

Try different color combos, snip off all of the fringe for a neat look, or leave as is for a more rustic look. Happy crafting!

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