Doily Ideas + Sourcing

When I first taught myself fine-gauge crochet, I was obsessed with doilies. The larger ones take some time to create, but the beauty of the finished doily is so worth it. In the recent past, I've been noticing a lot of gorgeous doily DIYs out there! Do you like crafting with doilies, or have you ever considered it? Here are a few inspiring ideas for you (my favorites).


Try creating a lacy fascinator, making a lace bowl, gluing a doily to a painted canvas, or making mini favor baskets!


Wondering where you can find doilies in bulk? Try Rachael's Scraps on Etsy! She sells bulk vintage doilies in various sizes for a good price, and she ships almost immediately. If you're looking for smaller quantities of handmade doilies, I have a few different options in my shop as well.