DIY Vintage Linen Piano Cover

Firstly - I have decided that January is a fun DIY month! Which means I'm hoping to post one or two DIYs a week, to make up for the past few months of quiet. I recently invested in a Roland electric keyboard (one of the best purchases I've ever made, honestly - I've missed playing the piano dearly, and it provides a lot of relaxation and therapy for me when I've had a stressful day or have a lot on my mind. I also get to use all of my sheet music now!).

The piano did not come with a cover, so I decided to put a few inherited linens to good use and create a dust cover from them.

I laid out a few linens (napkins, tea towels, the like) and lined them up to create a rectangle (I measured the piano first to get an idea of how wide and long the cover would need to be).

I  ended up having three tea towels on the bottom and two longer pieces on the top. I then pinned the short ends of the bottom row together...

...stitched them, and ironed open the seams.

After sewing the short ends of the top and bottom row pieces, I sewed the long seam in the middle and my piano cover was finished! I opted not to hem the sides and leave them as is for a slightly rustic look. I trimmed all the thread ends and voila!

Do you have any fun ideas for using vintage linens and lace?