DIY Toms Knock-Offs

To begin this story, I found these Toms knock-offs at Hobby Lobby for $9.99, along with a 40% coupon! Total price - 5.00! 

Anyway, great deals aside, I grabbed these shoes and set them aside until I could find time for a new DIY project. When I finally had time (over the weekend), I sat down to do this step-by-step. I wore them a few times before adapting them to fit my 'style', but what I wanted was to embellish them with some sort of pattern using my fabric markers. Crochet is my first love, so I wanted the pattern to have that feel.

You will need:
1 pair of canvas shoes
Fabric markers (I used Crayola)
Sketchbook/pen for sketching out design

Here's a closer look at the pattern concept I came up with:
Feel free to come up with your own design! 
Proceed to draw your design on the shoes with the pencil, lightly outlining the design. Next, take the fabric marker in the color of your choice (I chose brown because my shoes were kind of creamy/beige) and draw along the outline. You will want to go over the lines a few times to get the color to set in. Some fabric marker brands have you wash the fabric after drawing to set the ink, and most canvas shoes are washable.
And you're done! Possibly more angles of this to come, but this is it for now. What a great way to dress up a pair of canvas shoes! Get creative and make yours colorful, come up with your own patterns, and have fun! 
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