DIY Room Makeover, Pt 1

It's January, the month of new beginnings, and it's time for a new look in this little room of mine.

This is where it gets real, folks. This photo was taken late at night with no prep. How embarrassing.

This apartment where I'm living may only be my home till about June, but I'm determined to be comfortable in my own space and have it be a neat, functional, and inspirational space where I can work peacefully. The photo above shows a place that's jarring, cluttered, and utterly dysfunctional. This needs to change.

However, this apartment is a rental, and unfortunately that means no painting or big holes in the wall or other changes of that kind. So whatever decor I put up will have to be cheap and probably disposable. The materials I have to work with are cardboard, home magazines, burlap scraps, twine, bits of ribbon and lace, and other odds and ends I'm sure I can dig up around the house. Care to go on this little organizational journey with me? Maybe we can all learn something together. I'll be surfing the interwebs for some DIY ideas and perhaps coming up with some of my own to clean up and prettify this little room. Hey, I need at least one really big project while I'm sick, right?

Okay, one more for the records:

Ugh. Okay. We're done.