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DIY Embroidered Lace Hoop Art

Hoop art is really big right now in the crafting world - I follow some pretty gorgeous accounts on Instagram, such as Gulush Threads, Cinder & Honey, and Thread The Wick. I absolutely love the intricate work that they do. diy embroidered lace hoop art

I recently acquired a whole ton of embroidery hoops in all different sizes, and am thrilled to pieces about it! I'm planing to use them for a variety of projects, including round weavings, embroidery, and displaying vintage fabric. My first project came to me in a burst of inspiration - as I was looking at a lace curtain I had thrifted, I realized the lace was laid out almost like a grid of tiny threads. This grid could be embroidered! I picked out a few colors and got to work stitching, and this was the result. The cool part is that the lace had its own 'shading', so it was rather like paint-by-number when filling in the leaves and flowers with stitches.

Here's my DIY for embroidered lace hoop art!

diy embroidered lace hoop art

You'll need embroidery floss in your desired colors, an embroidery needle, scissors, an embroidery hoop (mine is a 6"), and an old lace curtain.

diy embroidered lace hoop art

diy embroidered lace hoop art

Lay your hoop under the curtain and place the top part of the hoop over to stretch the fabric. Trim around the edges.

diy embroidered lace hoop art

diy embroidered lace hoop art

Next, starting with the leaves, fill in your lace with color! My stitches all go in one direction (except for one part, but I regret that). You want to do a simple backstitch, catching the threads as you go. Make sure your starting knots are fairly thick, too, so that they don't come through the lace. You're basically making straight stitches to fill in the solid lace bits.

diy embroidered lace hoop art diy embroidered lace hoop art

And there you have it! Embroidered lace hoop art! I foresee this being a new trend, don't you? ;) Have fun with colors and stitches - try a variety of lace curtain patterns and stretch your creativity. Show me what you make by tagging me on Instagram #melmariadesigns or @melmariadesigns!

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