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DIY Anthropologie Inspired Top

Let's preface this with a little story. I hope you like reading. Once upon a time, there was a girl who used Pinterest quite a lot. She loved browsing the travel, photography, DIY, food, and hair sections. One day, she found a very special pin. It was a photo of a woman standing with her back to the camera, wearing a top with a triangle insert of alternate fabric up the back. Someone had captioned this pin with "DIY - cut up back of t-shirt and sew in a triangle of alternate fabric?" Very inspiring. 4635ea0a4a20d8273319ead69c5367d6Anyway, I (okay, this story is about me) never got around to actually doing this DIY. Instead it sat on my DIY board for ages and ages. Suddenly it took off in popularity - someone literally pins this pin EVERY DAY. To date, I have 1859 repins of this particular pin, with 317 likes. Wow. It's great, but kind of frustrating because I get all excited that someone repinned one of my pins, only to find out it's this one AGAIN. It doesn't even link to instructions!

So it inspired me to create my own shirt refashion DIY, especially after seeing these two shirts from Anthropologie.

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Top

Aren't they cute? I loved the idea of refashioning a button-down instead of a t-shirt. The lace softens the whole clean-cut look of a cotton button-down, and adds feminity to a flannel shirt. So I got me down to one of my favorite places and bought a lace curtain for $2 and a pink button-down for $3. Then I toodled back home and got to work.

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Top

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Top - What You'll Need:

  • A button-down, either from your closet or Goodwill. It's even more satisfying of a DIY if the button-down is too tight around the middle.
  • Lace curtain with good drape (nothing stiff or starchy). These are easily found at Goodwill in the linens section - or you can go the fancy way and buy your own lace. Amount doesn't really matter - just make sure it's as long as the shirt and as wide as you want your triangle to be.
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Sewing machine

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Top DIY Anthropologie Inspired Top

Wash, dry, and iron your shirt. This is an essential step for ANYTHING you buy thrifted. Next, begin cutting up the back of your shirt, from center-bottom to the center of that seam across the shoulders. Stop. At this point, you can hem those edges you just created by ironing a 1/4 fold and stitching a straight seam up each one. My shirt had this weird extra length of already-hemmed fabric up the back, so I just cut up the middle of that and didn't bother hemming.

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Top

Next, pull the shirt apart a little until you have a triangle-shaped space. You can make a slim triangle for just a little statement, or a wide one for extra swing and lacy appeal. Lay your lace over the triangle and cut out a triangle shape from the lace, leaving at least 1" of allowance around the edges. Hem your lace if you need to.

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Top DIY Anthropologie Inspired Top DIY Anthropologie Inspired Top

Turn your shirt inside-out and pin your lace triangle to the reverse side of the shirt, lining up the lower edges evenly. Starting at the hem, stitch a straight seam up one side of the triangle. Stop, lower your needle into the lace/fabric using your tension wheel, lift the foot, rotate the shirt so you're sewing a short horizontal seam across the top of the triangle, and bring the foot down again. Stitch the seam. Repeat the rotating steps again, and stitch a second straight seam down the other side of the triangle. Quick tip: I like to start and end my seams with a few back and forth stitches to keep the seams from unraveling.

Trim the lace edges and voila! You have an absolutely stunning new top to wear. Everyone will wonder where you got it, and I'll bet no one will guess you made it yourself. Upon discovering this, your admirers may even want you to refashion their shirts! Happy sewing, and as always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me!

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Top DIY Anthropologie Inspired Top

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