Daily Designing

While looking for a job here in Fayetteville, I've also been keeping as busy as I can by crocheting, knitting, blogging, and cooking as much as possible. I'm not used to not having a job, so this in-between period is a bit difficult activity-wise. Routine is very important to me, as is a steady occupation - so while I don't have a real job, my business IS my job. 

Every day I devote at least 4 hours to my craft, designing new earrings and making them and photographing them, and making sure my blog and Etsy stays updated as often as possible. Between job hunting and penny-pinching, I'm now able to use up the supplies I brought with me and make them into gift items. 
I'm loving being able to design almost full-time while searching for a job. It's really put my dedication to the test and helped me focus more on what needs to be done to market and sell my items. And it's not easy! It takes time for advertising to kick in, for audience to grow, and for stats to change. But the key here is perseverance. I'm going to keep trying.
So expect to see more designs in the coming weeks, even after I get a job (hopefully! These bills ain't payin' themselves!). I am going to continue working hard to grow my business and my skills.