Creative Space Essentials: A Big Table

Creative Space Essentials: A Big Table | Read more about my creative space essentials!

I wanted to start sharing my creative space essentials with you - maybe once a week? I can kind of go around my room and share with you what I love using and what helps me in my crafting. I thought I'd start with my big white foldable table. I think a big table is crucial for crafting, especially one of those foldable 6’ tables with the white tops – you can set it up anywhere in your home and tote it around to craft fairs! I never would have bought one of these (I think they're quite ugly, actually) but luckily it wasn't up to me.
I moved back to my home state of NH a few months ago and moved in with my family for a while. It’s sort of a transitional phase (isn't life always though?) while I look for a sustainable job and figure things out here in the chilly north. My heart has always belonged here, but it can be difficult to find your feet when you’re not sure about the future. God is good, though. He’s provided so much for me already.
When I moved back in, my mom bought this table and put it in my room. It’s been a life-saver. I had a similar table in Arkansas that helped me so much with organizing and crafting and keeping most of my supplies in one place. It wasn’t foldable though – it was big and heavy – so I couldn’t fit it in my Subaru. I didn’t anticipate having a similar surface to use at home other than the dining room table, but my mom thoughtfully provided this one. I have to confess, I had a moment of “ugh, what an ugly table” before I realized what an asset it is. I know, I'm kind of a snob. I'm so grateful for it now though! Thanks Mum!

So yes. I recommend one of these. I have a pretty succulent plant on mine, along with canisters of knitting needles and crochet hooks, a lamp, miscellaneous boxes full of jewelry supplies, thumbtacks, binder clips, buttons, sewing extras, etc. It’s easy to clean and I like being able to lay out my projects and see my progress. Plus it works as a desk for my laptop! In fact, I'm sitting at this table right now, in that chair you see in the picture, typing away. *moment of visual connection with my readers*

So what are some of your creative space essentials? What works for you? Do you have a room completely dedicated to your crafting, or a corner of the living room? Do you do your work better on the couch or at a desk? I know I have some crafters reading this blog - I'd love to hear from you!