Creative Frenzy

Today was such a big day as far as creativity goes! I recently heard about a submission opportunity at the Sanguine Gryphon. It's an online yarn company that also releases pattern lines. They put up a call for submissions on Ravelry for their Fall 2011 line. It is a Film Noir theme! Unfortunately I did not hear about the opportunity until two days before the closing date, so instead I decided to e-mail and ask for more info for next time. The person in charge of submissions very kindly wrote back with the submission guidelines and told me they were willing to extend the time period a few days. After a frenzied burst of inspiration I whipped up two swatches and turned in two submissions. Whoohoo! My first submissions ever are out there in the world! I have to say, because they're my very first submissions, I don't have much confidence in them, but I am still excited. :)

My list of favorite yarns just got longer. I just found a new Loops & Threads line of yarn that was on sale at Michael's for 1.99 per skein! It's an acrylic yarn that looks like twisted wool, called Santa Fe.

Isn't it lovely? I bought a skein in this shade, and three other skeins in variegated neutrals. Mmmm. 1.99 for 264 yards of gorgeous is not a bad deal, especially at Michael's. They also restocked on their Red Heart collection. They now have Red Heart Shimmer, which I had heard about but not seen. It's so beautiful! I bought a skein in black for one of my designs. Classy!