Comfort of Crochet + One Sheepish Girl

I've been working on this cushion. It's taking time, mostly because I can't seem to settle down to any one project lately, and I've also been spending more time painting and drawing than I have crocheting.
It's kind of my comfort project, though. The thick, 6mm crochet hook and the soft yarn in muted colors, and the homey idea behind the project - a comfy cushion for my chair. I have a cushion I crocheted years ago from a pattern in Crochet Today! magazine, but it's old and the colors aren't the same anymore. So I took myself to Hobby Lobby around three weeks ago (yes, I've been 'working' on this for way too long) and bought a brand-new square of foam and ordered some yarn from Knitting Warehouse and got crocheting. 
Have you visited One Sheepish Girl? Her real name is Meredith Crawford, and I love her blog. She's such an inspiration to me. She knits and crochets, and has been published in some of my favorite magazines. I would love to hang out with her sometime, too - she seems like a really cool person. 
The best part? She gives all of the glory to God. In her latest post,  she humbly writes:
 "I am constantly in awe of the Lord continually providing opportunities for me to pursue my passions. He is the reason that I have the ability to express my creativity and all I can do is hope to glorify Him through my work."
Honestly, how cool is that? Those few simple sentences challenge me to admit the same, and much more often than I do. The Lord does provide opportunities, and He really is the reason that I can express my creativity. I love it!
Anyway, this has been from the heart. It's been real. Have a great weekend, everyone!