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Color of the Month Post - Big Chill

I was asked to put together a little style post for Big Chill using one of their retro-style stoves and colors of the season (Beach Blue or Pink Lemonade). My first thought was...beach blue or pink lemonade? No way!

But when I took a peek at the stove selection, I decided I actually quite liked the retro gas stove in Beach Blue. Coincidentally, the stove in my apartment actually needs to be replaced - it's absolutely ancient and I'm pretty sure it's also a fire hazard. I mean, look at this thing:

Color of the Month - Big Chill

Definitely from the 60's or 70's, and not in a cute way. And no...unfortunately this is not a post about how I updated my stove to an awesome new one that still looks retro. Sad! But I did put together a cute little style board of how I would style my kitchen if I ever owned a Big Chill stove in Beach Blue.

Color of the Month - Big Chill

My kitchen would have white walls and/or a white tile back splash, with plenty of pops of color and rustic bits of decor. I love the idea of a peg board holding my vintage mugs and shelves, and a hanging fruit basket. The KitchenAid mixer would match the stove, and I would crochet a set of twine baskets to display. There would be plenty of wire basket storage, some beautiful white dishes on open-concept shelving, and perhaps a few vintage stools too.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek inside my dream kitchen (or at least one of them!). If you could design your perfect kitchen, what would you include?

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