Coffee Bag Experiments

When I moved to Arkansas last week, I tried to bring as many crafting supplies as possible - yarn, needles, etc. Having a project (or two!) in the works keeps me busy and slightly less homesick. 
My roommate works in a coffee shop and has a huge supply of burlap coffee bags and lots of ideas of what to do with them. I began work on a tote bag (hand sewn because unfortunately I did not bring a sewing machine), and so far I think it's turning out really well! I lined it with an old T-shirt and crocheted handles from twine - I really like the way it looks.

If you would like a completely unique, 100% handmade tote bag, I am selling this completed bag on Etsy for $30.00! Or go ahead and show it some love by favoriting it or repinning it. I'm hoping to be listing more in the future as I design and create more with these amazingly versatile coffee bags.

In the meantime I'm also working on a custom crochet bowl for an Etsy order and doing my best to keep up with business without apartment wi-fi. Thank goodness for libraries, coffee shops, and family nearby!

Happy Monday!