By creating purposefully handmade fiber artwork and goods, I seek to enrich the lives of the people around me with unique and beautiful pieces.

Clothes and Motifs

Look at this woman's blog, Elle Apparel. It's so cool! She makes dozens of her own clothes. I love her T-shirt dresses. It's been a little ambition of mine to be able to sew one for myself. Perhaps this summer I'll look for a tutorial on how to do it.

I am still figuring out my new-found inspiration for crochet! Applying the Mod Podge to the motifs is a bit of a trial-and-error process. Yesterday I tried dipping an entire square into the glue and then dabbing off the excess, but it dried with little ugly flaps of glue. Today I am painting on the glue instead, pinning the motif out, letting it dry, and painting the other side. Hopefully it will work! I am still just as excited as I was a few days ago!

Ink Blooms