Cheat Sheet: How Much Yarn You REALLY Need to Make That

Cheat Sheet: How Much Yarn Do I REALLY Need? I'm ALWAYS struggling with how much yarn I need to actually make the project I want to make. I've been lucky lately because I've got lots of leftover yarn from that fiber art commission this summer, but I'm designing patterns for spring/summer and need to buy new yarn. The question is, how much yarn do I need for what I want to make?

Cheat Sheet: How Much Yarn Do I REALLY Need?

We've all been there. You go to the store, you pick out a few balls of gorgeous yarn, you go home, you start your project - and then you realize you don't have NEARLY enough yarn to make that bulky scarf you wanted. So back you go to the store, only to find that they're sold out of your color! Or worse yet, they've discontinued that yarn line! This is happened to me more times than I care to admit, and it's all because I didn't know ahead of time how much I needed.

A little research brought me to this amazing chart over on Lion Brand, where they lay out exactly how many yards you need to create that project. I love this chart, but it's a little too comprehensive for me, you know what I'm sayin'? So I went ahead and made a fresh new list - a cheat sheet if you will - easy to read, and printable to boot! Simply right-click the photo and save to your computer, or click below to download the PDF.

Cheat Sheet: How Much Yarn Do I REALLY Need?

Download PDF - [download id="3482"]

Now, this chart is BASIC. I only included a few different projects, and the yardage is approximate based on Lion Brand's cheat sheet. If you want the complete sheet, check out Lion Brand! And depending on your gauge or the size of a blanket you want to make, or whether your beanie will be slouchy or not, you may need more or less yarn than shown. The good news is, most patterns you'll follow include yardage. But if you're looking to design something yourself, or use a different brand of yarn than the one called for in the pattern you're following, you'll need it. Happy knitting/crocheting!