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Bumps in the Road: Failed Products

BUMPS IN THE ROAD- PRODUCT FAILS To continue this mini-post series of 'bumps in the road', I wanted to write about my product fails. Failed products are the worst. There's nothing more disappointing than having a great idea, executing it and thinking it's going to be great, only to find out that your materials are faulty, the long-run quality isn't good, and you can't figure out why it isn't working the way you wanted it to.

Bumps in the Road: Product Fails

One such product are my hand painted pendants and sealed crochet lace pendants. I was SO excited to do these - I bought bezel pendants and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, painted some beautiful little flower motifs, and created these pretty necklaces. I attempted using resin, but only succeeded in making myself ill from the fumes (haha), so I was excited to find an alternative in Dimensional Magic!

Bumps in the Road: Product Fails

Unfortunately, after about 3-5 days, the Dimensional Magic lost its clear, easy charm and began to turn blue. That's right, blue and cloudy! Therefore ruining my beautiful, one-of-a-kind, hand painted pendants. Disappointed, I had to delete the pendants from my shop, because the product photos no longer matched the pendants in real life. What a tragedy! And what a fail! I have no idea why they turned blue - it could be a reaction with the metal, or the result of not sealing the painted circles well enough, although I did try to seal them as best I could using regular Mod Podge. I just don't know!

Bumps in the Road: Product Fails

So sad! I can clean out the bezels and use them again, though for what I'm not sure. Perhaps those glass domes over something crochet/painted. That's for the future though - I'm going to stick with what I'm best at for now: good old-fashioned plain crochet! No more Dimensional Magic for me!

Are you a shop owner? Do you have any products that turned out to be complete fails? I'd love to hear about them! I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into the not-so-glamorous world of product design. Happy Wednesday!

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