Blog & Business Update: May 2015

Blog & Business Update May 2015

How is it already May? I feel like April went by so quickly, like a teasing spring breeze. I sort of miss it, but I'm looking forward to long, warm days with ocean drives, mountain climbs, and lots of sweet, fresh air. (Watch me turn around and complain about the heat in a few months - you'll see.)

I want to start sharing periodic business updates, now that the new website has been live for over a month. I launched this thing on March 13, and since that time I've had 2900 visitors and 5600 pageviews. Thank you!

I know those numbers aren't groundbreaking or anything, but they're good round numbers and more than I expected, and that makes me happy. My bounce rate is around 70% (which is apparently not bad for a blog) and the average time people spend on my site clocks in at around 2 minutes, which is also really awesome. Thank you!

My most popular post is the Easter Egg Bonnets DIY (who knew!?) and I'm rapidly building fans of the DIY Wedding Favor Baskets as well. So exciting! My goal of running a creative website is becoming a reality! Thank you!

Since my shop revamp, I've made a few new sales and definitely got a lot more views and favorites than I had before. Thank you! Still trying to find my target audience, I think. I know what I want to sell now, and what I'm good at making, and now that that's figured out I'm learning how to market it to the right audience. Definitely a step-by-step process. It's a slow growth (like...really slow) but I don't mind. I love Instagram. I love this blog. I love interacting with the creative community. And who knows - maybe I'll break through that target audience wall sooner than I think. I'm just thankful for the opportunity to do what I love! The Lord has truly blessed me with the outlets and opportunities that I have. Thank you, God!

Here's to more growth, more creative adventures, and learning so much more. Happy Wednesday!