Best Nine 2015

2015 Best 9 Melmaria Designs You may have seen a little mini-trend going around on Instagram - people are posting their 'best 9' of 2015. Basically it's a grid of the best 9 photos of your year, and by best they mean the ones that got the most likes or attention. That's cool and all, but I wanted to go a step further and share a fun fact or story behind each of the photos in my little grid!

Starting at the top left, from left to right:

1 // Ugh, these pendants. I had the bright idea to use resin to seal bits of lace inside pendants. When I realized that resin is extremely difficult to work with and the fumes made me ill, I tried using Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. This seemed to work, but after a week or so the glue began to turn blue instead of clear. Also it made a lot of bubbles. One of those sad, failed products, but it was a good learning experience!

2 // Ah, my bulletin board from last year. I haven't had a chance to set it up properly in my apartment bedroom, but this is what it looked like for most of last year. Inspirational quotes, a few dress designs, a cross stitch sampler, a little doily, and other miscellaneous goods. I love having bits and pieces of creative things to inspire me.

3 // Flower stud earrings! These were super fun to make. I won't be selling them in my Etsy shop anymore, but they will be available soon in my @shopmelmariadesigns Instagram shop for a discounted price as I sell out my old jewelry. And perhaps later this year I'll release the pattern for them - who knows?

4 // By far one of my most favorite product photos. This tea stained pendant was so fun to make. I love tea staining, and the styling of the photo just came together in such a pretty way.

5 // More stud earrings! These will also be available in my @shopmelmariadesigns store soon. The idea for these just kind of clicked one day - the colors and pattern came together so easily. I'm thinking about offering the pattern for these as well - what do y'all think?

6 // These lace rings are my most popular product of all time. In my history of selling handmade, they were the only ones that sold steadily and well. And for good reason! They're comfortable, easy to wear and pair with other jewelry, and colorful. They'll be available here in my website shop soon!

7 // DIYs are so fun! When I started this website I wanted to offer all sorts of fun projects for people to do. I published this one during wedding season, as a way to make pretty favor baskets. You can see it here - it got lots of attention on Craftgawker and Wedding Gawker.

8 // More rings! Styling holiday-themed photos in July was weird, but fun. I dug out old Christmas decorations and took some pretty pictures of my rings.

9 // And last but not least - the crochet gemstone jewelry. These were SO fun to make. They never sold, but I love the graphic gem look of them. Possibly an upcoming pattern as well! In fact, I think a new crochet jewelry book is in order. We'll see...

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my 2015 Best Nine! Follow me on Instagram and sign up for my mailing list to stay in touch! 2016 is going to be a great year of creativity, new projects, patterns, and exciting developments. Join me! You can also follow me on BlogLovin' if that's your thing ;)