Beauty in Failure

Sometimes when I'm photographing my pieces, I make mistakes. Usually I'm the one taking the photos, and also the one modeling the pieces. This means I'm either holding the camera at arm's length, trying to figure out an angle and then remember which angle was good, or setting the camera on self-timer and putting it on a shelf or table and kneeling or standing awkwardly. Anyone? Yes. This is the nitty-gritty, behind-the-scenes you've been waiting to hear about. No studio, no backdrop, and no professional photographer here! Anyway, sometimes (most of the time) I take a lot of bad photos along with a few good ones that I end up using - the camera focused on the wrong thing, or the entire photo is blurry. Normally I delete them without a second thought. But the other day, on scrolling through, I caught a few beauties among the failures. My overly critical eye isn't good at seeing the pretty in the ugly, but I was blessed enough to see these and recognize that sometimes, beauty is failure.

IMG_3372 IMG_3994 IMG_2427