Banana Bread

Banana bread is so basic, but so homey and satisfying. I decided I needed some this afternoon when I got home from food shopping, looked in the fruit basket, and saw two lonely, overripe bananas waiting for me to do something with them. So I grabbed my trusty laptop and pulled up the recipe my mom uses for banana bread on her cooking blog. I highly recommend this recipe! It will make a dozen muffins, one loaf, or a 9X13 cake.
And here's a little secret I discovered on my own. The recipe calls for 3 ripe bananas, right? Well, I only had 2 that were ripe enough for banana bread, so I grabbed another banana from the bunch I had just purchased during my grocery shopping. When I mashed them up with the sugar and egg and oil, the not-so-ripe banana wouldn't mash - it just kind of chunked. So when I pulled the bread out of the oven and dumped it steaming on a fresh towel to cool, I saw that my bread had little chunks of banana dotting the top and throughout!

I strongly urge you to go whip one of these up. Takes no time at all, it's delicious, and your house will smell so good. Happy baking!