Autumn Vibes Collection: Pattern Ebook

Autumn Vibes Collection Cover As you well know, I'm a huge fan of knitting and crocheting - in fact, during my free time, I can't go long without starting a new project or picking up a new one. My hands hate being idle! I used to be a big Ravelry troller, looking for new patterns to add to my favorites. If they were sold as a pattern ebook, all the better! After I got into designing knit & crochet patterns, it became even more exciting to look at and add new patterns. All this to say: remember those three autumn patterns I shared rather erratically over the past several weeks? All three of them are now available together as a single e-book! The book includes: Folk Plaid Scarf The Folk Plaid Scarf - one of my favorite knit designs, complete with faux plaid striping. The concept is simple, but looks complicated and really beautiful. Use your favorite color combination and make it as long or as short as you like!

Autumn Arrow Gloves

The Autumn Arrow Gloves - These gloves sport an understated arrow detailing on the wrists and backs of the gloves. Complete with thumbs and ribbed cuffs, they're a super cozy accessory for late fall. Pair them with super long sleeves and an adorable peacoat! Or gift them to your favorite accessory hog.

Harvest Mitts Crochet Pattern

And the Harvest Mitts - crochet them in your favorite colors for a beautiful diamond lace effect. The construction isn't difficult, but the stitch pattern and color combination look complicated.

As well as being available for individual download, you can now download these patterns all together as a single pattern ebook for $5 less than the cost of buying all 3 separately! Find the ebook on Ravelry and Etsy. You'll get 3 PDF files with your purchase for easy printing and referral. Happy crafting!

Quick note: if you should happen to make these designs and want to sell them at a craft fair or show, you are more than welcome to do so. However, I do ask that you credit me with the pattern and provide information back to my blog and website when possible. Thank you!