I finally cleaned and organized my work table. I even taped off spaces for things - a place for my laptop, a place for a box of needles and hooks, and I divided the table into sections for painting/drawing and for jewelry-making/embroidering. I would post a photo, but I can't seem to get the angle right and I can't seem to make it look like the studios I see on Etsy all the time. If only I had two windows! Thankful that my window faces west and I get plenty of light in the afternoons.
These photos from my iPhone are products from the past few evenings. Since I cleaned my desk I've been spending more time at it, drawing and painting, and I hope to keep painting. I love copying photos of landscapes and adding my own twist - the paintings never look exactly like the photo, but they still turn out nice. Perhaps I'll list them on Etsy one of these days.
This one kind of just happened. I was hand-lettering the word 'beauty' and the rest of the quote followed. Needs to be re-done though: besides being unfinished, what else is wrong with this picture?
Creating art is so relaxing. Switch on the music, grab a sheet of crisp, white paper, and the possibilities are endless. 
Happy Independence Day, all!