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Apartment Tour 2017

Apartment Tour 2017

Finally, at long last, I have taken enough decent photos of my little home to include in a little tour of the place! I didn't take any very wide shots, mostly because I'm still obsessed with my 50mm, so there are a lot of little detail shots.

First, my kitchen. I found these gorgeous cafe lights at Michael's and strung them up over my stove. The kitchen is a little dim at the best of times, although it gets some good sunlight in the afternoon. I strung up additional white lights around the sink and the window, and of course, because it was Christmas, I have some colored lights up. Isn't that spice cabinet so cute? And that rolling cart - I got it from Walmart for about $40. The low shelf with all my cookbooks and the wire baskets was also a steal, from a little consignment shop a few towns over.

The living room is my favorite place to be when I'm relaxing or reading. I have a tiny TV ('tiny' for this day and age - I believe it's a 19") sitting on a beautiful old hope chest. I set up my beloved orange chair (snagged for $10 at Goodwill) and the blue settee (also snagged at Goodwill, but for $20). The coffee table was around $10, too. I get lots of light in the living room, especially in the mornings. I love to sit with a cup of hot coffee and my devotionals and watch the sun come up.

My latest (and probably most expensive) acquisition is the keyboard. Ah! It's a Roland something-something-something, and apparently discontinued, so I was able to get it at cost from a local music store. I roll my office chair back and forth between my desk and the piano, which is both good and bad - I would much rather have a bench. I've actually had my eye on a few fabric benches similar to this beauty from Carrington Court: the Bronte Petite Bench.

Isn't it gorgeous? There are so many fabric options, too! (Actually, I'm mildly obsessed with their furniture - they're a US company based in North Carolina and they make all their own furniture from quality materials. Something to look at for the future!)

On to the office/studio space! This is actually kind of a weird extra room - there aren't really any hallways in my apartment, so all the rooms are connected with doorways. The only rooms with actual doors to close are my bedroom and the bathroom (thank goodness). This room gets a LOT of beautiful natural light, and can we just take a moment to appreciate that none of the walls in this apartment have any obnoxious paint colors? They are all white, off-white, or cream, and I'm SO THANKFUL. I set up my desk in this room, along with a few shelving pieces. At some point I hope to build a worktable to spread out on. For now, most of my supplies are pushed up against the wall or put in the closet space, so I didn't bother taking lots of photos of this room...yet.

Not much to see in my bedroom - I have yet to put pictures on the wall. But I am happy with the bright white coverlet, the white lights, and the colorful books in my bookcase.

Thank you for touring my little apartment with me! I'll be posting a new DIY/inspiration post next week that I'm excited to share with you (it may or may not have something to do with the piano...).

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